AFAM Biennial Conference, 5TH BIENNIAL CONFERENCE - Nigeria 2020

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Improving quality of customer service using service charters, service blueprints, and standard operating procedures
Obinna S Muogboh, Jimoh Fatoki

Last modified: 2019-08-12


As African business environment becomes more developed, organizations need to be more responsive to meeting customer’s expectations. It is increasingly challenging to satisfy customers as information technology has now made it possible for customers to become more aware of available product and service options. Consequently, customer buying behaviour and brand loyalty in Africa fickle. To improve and sustain the quality of customer experience, organizations develop and constantly review service charters, blueprints and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to deliver the appropriate level of service promised to customers. These service systems allow organizations to “benchmark” their service quality against some baseline standards; just the same way the service systems inform the customers of the level of service to expect. This paper provides insights on how these service systems – charters, blueprints and SOPs – can be formulated, developed and implemented in African organizations to enhance quality of service delivery, and improve customer satisfaction and overall organization performance.

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