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It is with sadness that we learn of the passing Rev. George Wee, Dean of the Business School at Perez University College in Ghana. George was an active member of AFAM. If anybody wishes to make a voluntary financially contribution of support, please send your assistance to this mobile money account: 0546095053. For reference, kindly us: Rev. George Wee.

About Us


To foster the general advancement of knowledge and scholarship in the theory and practice of management among African scholars and/or academics interested in management and organization issues in Africa.


To perform and support educational activities that contribute to intellectual and operational leadership in the field of management within the African context.


  • Parrhesiatic actions
  • Strategic followership


  • Diffusion within all educational institutions in Africa
  • Increased high impact management education 
  • A unified front in growth and scholarship
  • Increase epistemic density of Africa


  • To grow our membership 1% annually
  • To organize a faculty development workshop every odd year
  • To organize a conference biennially

Core Values

  • Unity in diversity
  • Practice high academic integrity
  • Respect and promote African Identity