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AOM 2018 Theme: Improving Lives

Friday, August 10, 2018 to Tuesday, August 14, 2018

78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management August 10-14, 2018 | Chicago, Illinois, USA

PDW Session: Successful Publishing for Early Career Scholars of Management in Africa

2018 Academy of Management Meeting, Chicago

Manuscript submission deadline
: June 1st, 2018

PDW Organizers:
     dt ogilvie, Rochester Institute of Technology
     Stella M Nkomo, University of Pretoria

PDW Chairs:
     dt ogilvie, Rochester Institute of Technology (
     Stella M Nkomo, University of Pretoria (

: Deadline for registration and submission of manuscripts is June 1st, 2018.
contact dt ogilvie ( or Stella Nkomo ( for questions about registration and manuscript submission.

Objective of Workshop

The purpose of this PDW session is to assist early career scholars focusing on management in

Africa who have limited experience in publishing high impact research to complete a high

quality research paper for later submission. The PDW will help early career scholars to

understand the key elements of writing an empirical paper for publication through one-to-one

developmental feedback in a supportive environment. Second, these developmental

relationships will continue after the 2018 Academy of Management meeting as both members

work toward the goal of getting the manuscript submitted and published in a top-tier journal.

Thus, a unique aspect of this initiative is that the developmental relationship is goal-directed;

it is focused on a specific task (improving a drafted manuscript) that leads to critical shortterm

results (publication), more publications on management in Africa, and ultimately

participants’ long-term productivity as a management scholar. In addition to improving the

careers of early career scholars, this PDW will support the Academy’s vision to strengthen

the breadth of management scholarship to be more inclusive.

This workshop will offer participants a chance to have their work reviewed by leading

scholars in the field. These scholars have served as editors, associate editors and editorial

board members of leading journals, such as ASQ, AMJ, AMR, Academy of Management

Annals, JAP, Organization Science, Organization Studies, Personnel Psychology, Journal of

Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, OBHDP, AMLE, Group and Organization

Management, Human Relations, British Journal of Management, Journal of Business and

Psychology, and Organization.


Manuscript Submission Process

Due to the intense nature of the review process, a limited number of manuscripts will be

selected for the workshop (a total of 12). Manuscripts will be selected based on the following

criteria: (1) they are within the content domain of management in Africa (2) they are not

currently under journal review, and (3) they are in near-final form for submission to a

refereed journal. Although authors may submit more than one manuscript, only one per

author will be selected for the workshop. We will give priority to junior faculty who are first

authors of the manuscript, and they should also provide a focus for the review process by

describing a particular dilemma, question, or concern s/he would like the reviewers to

discuss, as well as the name of the targeted journal.

This session is aimed at junior faculty, but doctoral students are encouraged to attend the first

session of this PDW in order to learn about the review process. We have limited seats for

doctoral students who therefore will be selected on the basis of ‘first-in first-served’. Early

registration is encouraged!

Junior faculty who wish to participate in this workshop must submit their manuscripts to 
by June 1st, 2018 in order to provide adequate time for selecting manuscripts and the review 
process. Please submit manuscripts to


Session Description

The structure and the process of the workshop is as follows:

The manuscripts received on 1 June will be reviewed by the organizers. Selected papers will

subsequently be assigned to reviewers (senior/leading scholars) for review. Those submitting

a selected manuscript will also be assigned a manuscript to review. Participants will be sent a

set of readings related to the elements of writing an empirical paper. The topics that will be


  1. Setting the Paper Hook: Positioning the Significance of the Contribution
  2. Theoretical Framing and hypotheses
  3. Methods Section Imperatives
  4. Writing a Concise Discussion
  5. The art of clear writing
  6. Tips for Being a Prolific Scholar

The session will begin with 1.5 hours of real-time mini-lectures on the key elements of a high

quality empirical journal article. The remaining 2.5 hours will be devoted to simultaneous

facilitated roundtable discussions of the 12 papers. All participants will be asked to read the

manuscript(s) that will be discussed at their table before coming to the session in order to

provide helpful feedback to the authors. Each participant will have the opportunity to

participate in two reviews over the course of the session. This session will also offer an

important opportunity to discuss core principles and practices of publishing research about

management in Africa. Authors and other participants will gain important insights into the

publication process and will be able to network with scholars interested in management in

Africa, review board members, and journal editors.

We hope you can join us for this day of development. It is all about you!

Contact Person
: dt ogilvie (