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Call for Nominations for AFAM Leadership 2022

Submitted by AFAM on Wed, 06/29/2022 - 10:49pm

Africa Academy of Management

Call for Nominations 2022

Deadline for Nominations:  22 July 2022

The Call for Nominations is now open and we are seeking nominations for the open positions of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Chair, Deputy Program Chair, Communications Director, Four (4) Executive Directors, and three (3) Regional Executives-at-Large. We invite nominations and self-nominations. Successful candidates will assume office in January of 2023.

Service on the Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) in an officer or executive position is a rare chance to help drive the strategic decisions of our highly-respected international association of academics who share a common interest in management knowledge for Africa. The opportunity to work with other leaders in AFAM will allow you to be on the cutting edge of increasing management knowledge for Africa and building research capacity to enable the continent to reach its potential. Joining the leadership team of AFAM is a chance to grow personally and professionally, to develop skills, gain unique experience and make lasting research and collegial connections with a team of other passionate and motivated academics. Since its founding, AFAM has grown stronger each year because of excellent leadership and faithful members. Please consider serving in one of the positions below or nominating others.

Position Descriptions (Please consult the AFAM By-Laws for a full description of the responsibilities of each position via this link:

A. The Vice President serves as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the organization and assists the President in any way deemed appropriate by the President. The Vice President succeeds the President to the Presidency.

B. The Secretary is responsible for all administrative matters related to the operations of the Executive Committee including setting meeting dates, preparing and distributing minutes of Executive Committee meetings, and maintaining an electronic depository of all official AFAM documents and other important archival records.

C. Treasurer maintains the financial records of AFAM and manages the funds of AFAM including issuing of checks (along with the President or Secretary constituting two signatures) in compliance with the tax status of AFAM.

D. Program Chair provides leadership for Biennial Conferences and AFAM programs at Academy of Management annual meetings.

E. Deputy Program Chair works closely with and assists the Program Chair with responsibilities in (d) above and performs the duties of the Program chair in his/her absence. The Deputy Program Chair succeeds the Program Chair.

F. Communications Director is responsible for all communications with AFAM members about developments in the organization and develops and maintains the AFAM website content in conjunction with the service provider.

G. Executive Directors serve a chair or member of the following standing committees: Awards, Capacity Building, Finance, Program, Nominating, and Membership Committees.

H. Regional Executives-At-Large are responsible for recruiting members in the region, assisting with regional outreach efforts, and serving on standing committees. Nominees for the regional executive-at-large positions must reside in the region for which they are nominated.


Candidates must possess the following minimum qualifications

  • Hold a position/affiliation in an academic institution or bilateral or multilateral agency
  • Hold active membership in AFAM
  • Be willing to accept a leadership role for the future of AFAM
  • Have time to dedicate to fulfilling the responsibilities associated with the position.

Tenure of Positions

Leadership succession in AFAM is staggered for continuity and the preservation of institutional memory. The Vice President succeeds the President to the Presidency.  The Deputy Program Chair succeeds the Program Chair.  The tenure of all executives and office holders in a particular position is two years.

Nomination Process and Eligibility

The process for elections is governed by AFAM Bylaws. Candidates can be nominated by others or self-nominate.  The Nominating Committee will confirm nominees’ willingness to run for a position, verify nominee eligibility, and prepare a ballot to be sent to all current members of AFAM. In selecting candidates to appear on the ballot, the Nominating Committee will consider the (a) specific qualifications for each position, (b) prior experience as a member of AFAM, (c) contributions to AFAM activities, and/or (d) leadership potential. Nominees will be asked to provide objective evidence of the commitment, the resources, and the absence of any constraints that would prevent fulfilment of the responsibilities of the position for which he/she has been nominated.

An announcement will be made of those elected to the positions no later than October 8, 2022.  Successful candidates will be inducted and begin their terms in January at the end of the 2023 Biennial Conference to be held at the German University in Cairo, Egypt. 

Any questions or concerns regarding the nomination process or suitability of any individuals may be addressed to the Chair of the Nominations Committee.

How to Nominate and Deadline

Please send nominations to Professor Stella M. Nkomo ( by 22 July 2022.   Please put AFAM Nomination as the subject. Your nomination should contain the name of the nominee, contact details of the nominee, the position for which he/she is being nominated, and 150- word motivation or bio of the nominee.

Nominations Committee Members


Chair:  Professor Stella M Nkomo, University of Pretoria, South Africa,
Professor Moses Kiggundu, Carleton University, Canada
Professor Baniyelme D.  Zoogah, McMaster University, Canada
Dr. Abeba Mengistu, School of Commerce, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia