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CALL: AfricaJOM Special Issue - Work-Family in Africa

Submitted by AFAM on Thu, 05/02/2019 - 9:27pm

Recent work-family (WF) meta-analyses have all but left out the scholarship of and about work and family intersections in Africa (Allen, French, Dumani, & Shockley, 2015; Shockley, Douek, Smith, Yu, Dumani, & French, 2017).  Yet WF research is accumulating in South Africa, Ghana, and other African nations (Hoobler & Koekemoer, 2018).  And characteristics of certain African cultures suggest that work and family may be more intertwined and family may play a larger role in work for people in African nations, as opposed to nations in the Global North (Aryee, 2005), based on higher degrees of collectivism (vs individualism) and femininity (vs masculinity).  To date, what we know about work and family in Africa has taken a somewhat piece-meal approach.  For example, new research has been performed just on entrepreneurial women in sub-Saharan Africa (Wolf & Freese, 2018), domestic workers in South Africa (Hoobler, 2016), and a new conflict measure just for South African workers (Koekemoer, Mostert, & Rothmann, 2010). We ask whether it is time to take stock of the literature as a whole.  Just as Nkomo (2011) asked if there is or can be an African way of leading, is there an Afro-centric version of work and family intersections?  Is this unique?  What can be learned from studying work and family in African contexts?

The China-Africa Engagement: Contemporary Developments and Directions for Future Research

Submitted by AFAM on Wed, 05/01/2019 - 11:37pm

With the increasing Africa-China engagement particularly in light of China’s new ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, this special issue seeks papers that contribute to our understanding of the nature of this engagement with regard to, inter alia, the management, social-cultural, investment/industrial, and trade/business dimensions. This engagement has important implications for Africa’s industrial-economic rejuvenation, and as Chinese investors become significant players in what has come to be viewed as Africa’s renaissance, we see an important opportunity to debate this phenomenon, to identify appropriate theoretical lenses for an emergent and hence under-researched phenomenon, and to shed light on how the Chinese presence is impacting the African investment and business landscape, including business human resource practices. This call is consist with recent exhortations for researchers to develop new and ambitious inter-disciplinary approaches to African management research and managerial thinking (e.g. Amankwah-Amoah, 2016; Kamoche et al., 2012; Zoogah et al., 2015).

Joint International Conference of CEDIMES Institute, Africa Business and Entrepreneurship Research Society and IPAGEF

Submitted by AFAM on Wed, 04/17/2019 - 10:32pm

The global economy has significantly changed for the last few decades, driving many Developing Countries to engage an important socio-economic transformation for the purpose of alleviating poverty. In Africa, in particular, various socio-economic initiatives have been taken including revamping regional economic integrations, promoting entrepreneurship and SMEs creation, designing business incentive policies to attract foreign direct investments or promoting inclusive finance or diaspora socio-economic involvement. 


Submitted by AFAM on Sat, 03/16/2019 - 5:38pm

As part of Wharton Global Initiatives, in August 2019 we will be hosting the eighth year of a special annual initiative, the Wharton Global Faculty Development Program. This program aims to assist in the professional development of young scholars from outside the U.S., with a particular focus on learning to publish in the leading academic journals in Management and related areas.

Africa Journal of Management (AJOM) Junior Faculty Fellowship

Submitted by AFAM on Thu, 02/28/2019 - 1:24am

Call for Applicants

The Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) would like to announce the 2019 Africa Journal of Management Junior Faculty Fellowship.

The Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) would like to announce the 2019 Africa
Journal of Management Junior Faculty Fellowship.


PhD Scholarship on the Firm in the Informal Economy

Submitted by AFAM on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 6:09pm

The societal presence and impact of the informal economy are inescapable. Around the world and especially in areas of widespread poverty, unregistered and unregulated organizational entities operate in the part of the economy that either fails to adhere to the established institutional rules or are denied their protection. Reports from the International Labor Organization find that 48% of the labor force works in the informal economy in North Africa, 72% in Sub-Saharan Africa, 51% in Latin America, and 65% in Asia.

Post doc on Firms in the Informal Economy with a Special Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa

Submitted by AFAM on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 6:08pm

The Department of Strategy and Innovation (SI) invites applications for a vacant position as post doc. The position is a full-time position for 2 years starting September 2019 or by mutual agreement. The post doc is part of the research project “The firm in the informal economy” funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and headed by Associate Professor Marcus M. Larsen.   

Handbook of Teaching with Technology in Management, Leadership, and Business 15 April, 2019

Submitted by AFAM on Mon, 12/17/2018 - 9:24pm

Edited by Stuart Allen, Kim Gower, and Danielle Allen

We are currently seeking chapter proposals for the Handbook of Teaching with Technology in Management, Leadership, and Business, accepted for publication by Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc.


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